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Car Proposal

By using car proposal you can find your exact desire car.

Secure Auction

Sell or Buy, It's all in one Auction. Bid Now!

HD Mode

Now you can view high definition (HD) Car pictures.


Car Proposal

Find your exact desire car, Save Time & Price


How To Place Car Proposal

  • 1
    Create an Account

    You can create an account by using email address or phone no. Also, you can register using Facebook or Google

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    Buy or Sell Any Car

    Once your account get verified then you will be able to sell or buy your Car

  • 3
    Auction It

    You can also place your car in auction. It's easy & fast


How To Place A Car In Auction


Frequently Asked Questions

What are stacks?

Stack is a range of amount which you can select from. The range of the stack starts from 5,000 (5K) to 2,500,000 (25 Lacs). The stack range is determined by: - The category of a car such as Horse, Bull and Markhor. Please note that you must have sufficient balance to use stack range.

Why do I need to sign up for an Auction?

Auction is an exclusive feature for our clients. You should join us to be a part of it. We welcome you after verifying that you are a genuine buyer/seller/dealer.

What is Car Proposal?

The car proposal is meant to be use by car buyer. By using car proposal, buyers can list his requested car.

What is Proposal Offer?

The proposal offer is an offer which is placed by sellers to buyer's car proposal.


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Explore The Current Market

You can read best of best ongoing stories in our explore section. From Nut Bolts to Big Market stories of car.

Follow Your Favourite Seller

We keep you updated about the market, You’ll be notify whenever a seller upload a new car. To get this feature, just click “follow” on user profile. Now you can follow best sellers on the go. All happen in a blink of an eye only in Gari Dekh.


We Promise Only Verified Showrooms

After all this era of car market, best and honest showrooms/dealers are always neglected by buyers. We love to show you the best dealers in your town.

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